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Pathfinder Society Rhein/Main: PFS 9-01: The Cost of Enlightenment

Tuesday, 19. September 2017, 18:00 - 23:00

The Qadiran city of Qaharid is famous for its turquoise mines and fine pottery, yet it is also the center of worship for the monks of the White Feather. Most recently, the cult of Roidira has identified Qaharid as a pilgrimage city, and the once innocuous cultists have begun exhibiting truly strange behaviors. Society contacts recognize these actions as a sign that the Roidirans have uncovered some extraordinary secret in the wilderness nearby, and it fall to the PCs to speak with witnesses and track down the cult’s discovery.

by Katherine Cross


Location Die Banane, Ben-Gurion-Ring 48b, Frankfurt (Nieder-Eschbach), HE, DE 60437

 Pathfinder Society Rhein-Main