Amenopheus has learned that the legacy of the Jeweled Sages lies near the Osirian trade city of Eto, and the Pathfinder Society has pledged its support in the Sapphire Sage’s investigation of his ancient order; however the lead dried up—that was until a familiar information broker contacted Amenopheus offering an exchange of services. To assist an ally and unlock the secrets of Osirion’s past, the Society must deal with a deadly antagonist once more by sending the PCs to fulfill the bargain and collect its due. The only question is what price their foe will demand.

“A Bitter Bargain” is the first scenario in the three-part Destiny of the Sands campaign arc. It is followed by Pathfinder Society Scenario #5–15: Destiny of the Sands—Part 2: "Race to Seeker’s Folly" and Pathfinder Society Scenario #5–16: Destiny of the Sands—Part 3: "Sanctum of the Sages." All three chapters are intended to be played in order.

Content in “A Bitter Bargain” also contributes directly to the ongoing storylines of the Osirion, Qadira, and Sczarni factions.


Almost all Pathfinders undergo extensive training for three or more years to learn the tricks of the trade, and their last test before graduating from the ranks of the initiates to the status of a full Pathfinder agent is the Confirmation, a special research project that involves considerable fieldwork and is designed to simulate the initiates' future work as a Pathfinder. Even the noteworthy field commissioned agents sometimes participate in such trials as a way to familiarize themselves with the Pathfinder Society’s rules and expectations. Although Confirmation is typically an individual affair, the society recently discovered a site on the Isle of Kortos that would be perfect for initiates but perhaps too dangerous to handle alone. Successfully uncovering this site’s secrets will not only contribute to the society’s body of knowledge but shape the exciting careers ahead for each of the prospective agents.

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Eine Kiste Ärger - Ein Erzählspiel

Die "Schöne Joanna" verottet nun schon viele Jahre in der Bucht, in der sie eine unbarmherzige Justiz als einstiges Piratenschiff versenkt hat. Die Mitglieder der Crew, denen ein besseres oder schlimmeres Schicksal als der Strick begegnet ist, haben sich über die Zeit ein mühseliges Auskommen an Land geschaffen. Dort, so hoffen sie, wird sie irgendwann das Alter dahin raffen und wenn sie der Schnitter nicht im Armenhaus aufsuchen muss, umso besser.

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